based on ancient Ayurvedic science

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I' am passionate about aligning people with their true nature and encouraging a state of balance, which generates greater flow and harmony by creating a complete way of life.

Since travelling to India 5 years ago, I have dived deep into this science of life, constantly traveling to India to train in Ayurveda with the Raju Family, complete Panchakarma, go on pilgrimages, and travel this magical country.

Throughout these workshops I will generously and creatively share my expansive knowledge of Ayurveda, allowing this ancient wisdom to become more relevant and accessible to the busy modern lifestyle that each one of us live. This is my intention when I run any of these workshops, to make it more adaptable for each one of us no matter what our lifestyle is. 


I blend my kitchen experience - coming from a traditional Italian Family - with my devotion and dedication to Ayurveda, particularly the cooking and nutritional components.


Ayurveda not only teaches us what optimal health and balance really feels like, but also how to eat with the seasons and to know what your body needs in each moment. Once you are align with the creative intelligence of nature you are align with one self.  





‘The essence of Ayurveda’


Come and enliven your senses if you want to expand and gain practical Ayurvedic cooking tips and principles to incorporate into your kitchen, whether it be Ayurvedic food or not, this workshop is for you.

In this practical hands on cooking class, you will learn the basic tools within the foundation of Ayurveda to support yourself by creating balance and restoration through the senses - naturally bringing you into balance! 


Ticket includes:

Chai on arrival

Interactive cooking session

Recipe eBook

Delicious Lunch