Hot - sharp - light - liquid - spreading - oil - sour 

Responsible for metabolic (digestion)


  • Governs bodily metabolism 

  • Digestion, absorption, assimilation of food 

  • Maintenance of body temperature 

  • Sensitive and reactive body 

  • Intelligence, understanding, comprehension, knowledge 

  • Appetite, thirst, taste 



managing PITTA 

pitta’s main role is metabolism, if your digestion is low this will effect everything!

Pitta molecules combine to form enzymes & hormones which lead to metabolic function. Understanding Pitta and Agni is very important in Ayurveda. Agni (digestive fire) works under the direction of Pitta intelligence. Every function that is governed by Agni is governed by Pitta. No matter how good or the quality of the food your eating, if your digestion is not strong this will impact on your whole physiology.

‘In balance’ Pitta gives you courage, ambitions, transformation, and visual perception and ‘out of balance’ Pitta arouses anger, hatred, jealousy and inflammatory disorders.

Signs and Symptoms of Pitta Imbalance

  • skin disorders eg. rashes, sensitivities, psoriasis, eczema, etc

  • irritability and frustration

  • anger and suppressed emotions

  • indigestion eg. acid reflux, heartburn

  • feeling nausea or weak if skipping meals

  • critical, judgemental, impatient

  • loose stools (yellow in colour)

  • everything has to be perfect



  • Favour cooling foods both energetically and in temperature (this doesn’t mean cold, raw foods)

  • Favour spices cooling herbs and spices like coriander, cilantro, fennel, mint and cardamom.

  • Moderate amount of high-quality oils like olive, coconut oil or ghee in your daily diet

  • Favour plenty of hot and or room temperature water

  • balanced diet of protein, carbohydrate and vegetables with fresh seasonal fruit.

  • snack recommendation is a handful of almonds (soaked over night and peeled with a some sultanas)

  • routine in your meals and daily routines

  • Favour sweet, bitter, astringent tastes : click more for info on Ayurvedic Tastes



  • Avoid spicy foods eg. chilli and cayenne

  • Avoid stimulating drinks such as coffee, alcohol and any fermenting drinks

  • Avoid cold or carbonated drinks

  • Avoid processed or frozen foods

  • Overeating or eating very heavy meals

  • Deep fried foods

  • Avoid pungent, sour, saly tastes : click more for info on Ayurvedic Tastes

recommendations for a pitta-Pacifying Lifestyle

  • Go throughout your day with calmness, clarity and perspective without needing to control everything

  • A regular, daily routine with regular times for eating, sleeping, working, etc

  • Daily Abhyanga - applying oil to the body for minimum of 7 minutes, maximum of 48 minutes. Click here for more info on Abhyanga

  • Gently exercise routine, no strenuous excessive exercise eg. yoga, hiking, swimming

  • Keeping yourself cool avoiding any hot weather, activities or saunas

  • Daily Nasiya - nasal drops with medicated oil or plain black sesame oil